Houston Foster Kittens

Gouda, Brie and Moonpie/ Houston Foster Kittens

First of all…how many pets can you have in one (very small) household and it still be socially acceptable to admit that you own ‘said’ so many pets? (asking for a friend). ;)

No but seriously, I am in kitten Heaven over here y’all! Someone adopt these babies before I do! I photographed these kitties when they were just a few weeks old (see below)…and now we get to babysit while their foster mom is on vacation. They are so perfect with my 4 and 6 year old daughter, and even get along with (or maybe tolerate) our dogs. Gouda (black and white-male) and Brie (tabby-female) are currently up for adoption through Animal Justice League in Houston.

These kitties are seriously the sweetest things and my family and I are in love with both. I want to keep them (and nudge me in the right direction and I totally will)…but I also am unsure of the timing for us to permanently adopt. If you’re interested, Gouda and Brie are absolutely adorable together, so playful, great with people, and you could never regret adopting both!

I know, so many of you are probably thinking “I don’t have time for pets”…but cats don’t need much. And so many others are probably thinking “I’m not a cat person”…so, I’ll just leave you here with one quote, (which I heard while watching Evan Almighty with my kids last night)….AND by the way, I’m so happy they are learning this compassion for animals at such a young age. :)

“How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.” -Morgan Freeman

“newborn” kitten photos of these precious babes!

“newborn” kitten photos of these precious babes!